Dante: Rosacae Erigeron

Dante came to us from the Netherlands by a stroke of fate. We had just lost our first male Leonberger at the age of 10 years. That left a huge hole in our hearts, but it was a hole we knew we needed to fill. A new boy would have some pretty big shoes to fill, our standard was set pretty high. We would love him either way but could he possibly ...

Dante has in our eyes filled those shoes with grace and dignity. All he strives for is to give us his love and be loved in return. When I get home from work he runs to me and flops to his back for belly rubs. And what a flop that is as he is quite massive in size with a huge heart to match. As the rest of the family says, when you are home, he won't even look at anyone else. A true Mama's boy.

Dante is a very impressive Leo with heavy bone standing at 31" tall and weighs 173# he has great strength and stature.

CHIC # 61117
Cardiac Normal
Patella Normal
Thyroid Normal
Elbow Normal
PENN HIP LDI=38, RDI=26 = to OFA Excellent

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