• Leonbergers have a sensitivity to anesthesia;
isoflurane should be used.

• Baby Leonbergers are born black
and lighten with age.

• Leonbergers do not drool, however, they will
often be wet because they love to play in their
water dishes.

• Puppies are placed as pets to good homes, to be
loved and cherished family members.

• Pets must be spayed/neutered.

• From the moment they are born, my puppies are
given a secure footing to walk on so that they do
not slip or slide.

• At 2-3 days of age, puppies are taken to the vet to
be checked; rear dew claws are also removed.

• Puppies are weaned from mother's milk to moistened
Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Puppy food.

• Puppies are placed at 8 weeks, not before.

• Switch from puppy food to an adult food at 4-5 months of age.

• Once your new puppy is home, you must enroll in puppy
classes! Your cute fuzzy baby berger is going to grow, and grow,
and grow. The cute little things your puppy is doing now may not
be so cute when a 100 Lb. or larger adult leo does it!

• I like to keep in touch and hear how your baby is doing. I am
always available to help with any questions or concerns
you may have as your puppy grows.

• I like to see pictures of your new baby has he/she grows
and especially how he/she turned out as an adult.

• Because of their hairy, floppy ears, leo's can be prone to ear infections.
If your leo is scratching its ear or tilting its head, see a vet.
•Young leos, especially females, can be prone to UTI's (urinary
tract infections). If your puppy is constantly going potty but very
little comes out, see a vet; a UTI may be the reason.

We hope you've enjoyed your visit. Please contact us for information on breedings, litters, and availability of puppies.

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